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Sasol Aluminas - Catalyst Supports, Polymer Additives, and Raw Materials For Ceramics and Coatings


  • DISPERAL® - DISPAL® Brochure - Dispersible Alumina Products (boehmites)
  • PURAL® - CATAPAL® Brochure - High Purity Alumina Products (boehmites)
  • PURALOX® - CATALOX® Brochure - High Purity Alumina Products (gamma, delta/theta aluminas)
  • The Alumina product group is part of Sasol's "Inorganic Specialties" business unit. The Alumina group's focus is on the production of synthetic aluminas derived from aluminium alkoxides. Sasol aluminas offer high chemical purity and key properties such as acid and/or water dispersibility, pore volume and particle size adjustment, and high residual surface area. Produced for more than 40 years, these products have found their way into a broad range of applications, including catalyst supports, coatings, polymer additives, thickeners, refractories, abrasives, ceramics, and many more.

    Sasol also offers mixed metal oxides such as silica aluminas and hydrotalcites (alumina-magnesia). In addition, ultra high purity Ceralox aluminas are used in specialty applications requiring unsurpassed purity (99.999%).  

    High Purity Aluminas

    Our high purity alumina products find application in many markets, including: abrasives, chemical catalysts, emission control catalysts, refinery catalysts, flame retardants, paper antiskid coatings, refractories, and thickeners.

    PURAL® Alumina and CATAPAL® Alumina - High Purity Boehmite Aluminas
    PURAL® and CATAPAL® are the respective trade names for the high purity boehmite aluminas produced in Germany and in the USA. This family of aluminas (alumina monohydrates, AlOOH, and bayerite, Al(OH)3) has historically been used as supports or binders for catalysts in refinery and chemical processes due to the high chemical purity.

    Due to the ability of these alumina products to peptize in the presence of organic/inorganic acids, they are widely used as shaped catalyst support materials. Recent developments in many other applications have indicated these aluminas have applications in areas far beyond catalysis.

  • PURAL® - CATAPAL® Brochure
  • DISPERAL® and DISPAL® Aluminas- High Purity Dispersible Aluminas

    DISPERAL® and DISPAL® are the trade names for the high purity, highly dispersible, colloidal boehmite alumina powders manufactured by Sasol in Germany and the USA, respectively. These aluminas, which are sub micron sized in the dispersed phase, exhibit a unique combination of purity, consistency, and dispersibility that make them excellent materials for use in demanding colloidal applications.

    Dispersible Alumina is used in applications such as sol-gel ceramics, paint and coating materials, rheology modifiers, polymer additives, abrasives, paper anti-skid, refractory materials, catalysts, detackifiers and washcoats for exhaust gas catalytic converters.

  • DISPERAL® - DISPAL® Brochure
  • PURALOX® and CATALOX® Aluminas - High Thermal Stability and Low Attrition Loss
    PURALOX® and CATALOX® Aluminas are the trademarks for the aluminium oxides (Al2O3 - gamma alumina, delta alumina and theta alumina) derived from the controlled activation of high purity boehmite aluminas.

    The proprietary processes used in the preparation of these high purity aluminium oxides allow us to control many important physical properties and hence "tailor-make" a product for your process. Due to the tightly controlled processing conditions during and after manufacturing these aluminium oxides provide excellent specific catalytic activities, high surface area stability and low attrition loss.

    PURALOX® and CATALOX® Aluminas are arguably the best starting materials for the catalyst industry where high purity, product quality, consistency and support are highly desired. These characteristics are of great importance for fluid and slurry bed reactions.

    Due to their high thermal stability, PURALOX® and CATALOX® Aluminas are widely used raw materials for wash coat formulations in emission control catalysts.

  • PURALOX® - CATALOX® Brochure
  • Ultra High Purity Aluminas

    Under the CERALOX® trademark, Sasol produces ultra high purity aluminas in gamma through alpha phase crystalline form for use in high-tech industrial applications, including synthetic crystal growth, synthetic sapphires, YAG, aluminum nitrides, bioceramics, ceramics for semi-conductor processing, lighting products, phosphors and luminescent materials, and specialty abrasive products.

    CERALOX® aluminas have high chemical purity and uniform physical properties. All important chemical and physical properties are monitored by our in-house Quality Control laboratory. Chemical and physical properties can be tailored to meet customer defined specifications.
    The CERALOX® production facility is in Tucson, Arizona.

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  • Silica Aluminas

    Sasol manufactures and markets a wide range of doped materials. Produced in Germany, silica doped materials are sold worldwide under the trade names SIRAL® and SIRALOX® for their silica-alumina hydrates and oxides respectively. The know-how gained from the production of high purity alumina products has been carried over to our range of doped materials so that the quality of the products are uncompromised and are manufactured to the same high standards.

    The use of dopants affects the physical properties of alumina in many ways. SIRAL® and SIRALOX® are not only more thermally stable than the high purity aluminas but they are also relatively acidic materials. Both the hydrate and the oxide are suitable carriers for catalytic processes where surface acidity is required to enhance the catalytic activity.

    OTHER DOPANTS AVAILABLE: lanthanum, cerium, titanium, etc

    Alumina Product Information

    Material Safety Data Sheets and Technical Data Sheets are available upon request
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  • DISPERAL® - DISPAL® Brochure - Dispersible Alumina Products
  • PURAL® - CATAPAL® Brochure - High Purity Alumina Products
  • PURALOX® - CATALOX® Brochure - High Purity Alumina Products
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